Multipurpose fields

Multipurpose fields

Outdoor multipurpose fields are the most frequent in the production process of our company. On these sports grounds, mainly artificial grass surfaces and, in a lower extent, tartan surfaces are used. Multipurpose fields with artificial grass surface are in the winter used as ice rinks. Moreover, we also are able to deliver a suitable fencing and sports equipment. In the last period, combined fencing with barrier is popular.

Synthetic sports surfaces on the bases of tartan (wide range of surfaces of tartan type in impermeable or semi-permeable version) are laid on an asphalt-concrete base or bound bearing layer.

Tartans require a quality base and solution of surface drainage. They are suitable especially for peak and performance sport and they comply with required IAAF parameters.

Colour versions: red-brown, green and within limits, other possible variety of colours.


For tennis courts and multipurpose fields (Volleyball, basketball, handball, golf, filed hockey, football, etc.)

Outdoor lawns are laid on bond or non-bond base, in the case of need to increase the base elasticity supplemented by an elastic layer. According to purpose are produced particular types of lawns (they mainly differ in length, construction and density of grass) for pour (here fine silica sand of prescribed graining is applied) or without pour. These lawns are aimed at particular sports or for decoration. The under layer must be drained with drainage system and in the case of larger areas, surface draining is inevitable to be secured. In the case of elastic lying of grass, permeable elastic pads are used.

Colour versions: red-brown, green.

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