Sports floorings

Sports floorings

PU FLOORINGS WITH FLEXIBLE PAD are laid on quality concrete base or specially adjusted, eventually on flash off grid floor in a suitable condition. On an overall bonded elastic base with enclosed pores of various shape and thickness are gradually laid polyurethane plasters with final PU lacks according to desired colour shade. Elastic floor with smooth surface is aimed at all kinds of hall sports and gymnastics.

For tennis surfaces, it is possible to apply mildly rough surface reached by final PU coating filled with fine PU granulate. Portable gymnasium equipment is to provide with felt pads on bearing surface.

The new type of PU elastic floor fully complies with DIN 18032/2 and is produced for common sports activities or for increased loading (inline skates).

Wooden sports board floors

Performance of wooden sports board floors in gymnasiums and other sports facilities.

Sports PVC surfaces

These types of surfaces for their high quality are now recognized by all major sports federations. On the sports PVC surfaces are currently playing professional basketball, volleyball, futsal and other games.

Sports floorings on rubber base

To be multi-purpose sports surface, high durability and extremely high burden to bear is EVER-ROLL the right size for you. High abrasion and ability guarantee even at the highest load longevity. EVER-ROLL is durable and easy to clean as paving, but warm and pleasant to walk like a carpet. EVER-ROLL is recyclable, contains no harmful substance which is very environmentally friendly. Regupol is also available to bond full-area by PU glues to the prepared surface of concrete, asphalt or other hard, flat and free of dirt and dust suspension. Regupol is glued "to stop" seams are invisible. The marking is then done by PU paints in colors according to international standards or customer's request. Regupol EVER-ROLL is produced in two thicknesses of 8 mm and 6 mm. Thicker Regupol 8 mm is placed firmly on the exposed surfaces of type running tracks, skating rink and ice rink, or in places where it is used for shoes with wedge soles respectively skates. For the floor in the gym and the fitness is the most common Regupol type EVER-ROLL Classic, 6 mm thick. Certainly it will also depend on the overall color of the interior. Ever-Roll is proposed also to the changing rooms and hallways, staircases (not slide not even by wet and it has a high mechanical resistance). However, it is important that the surfaces were glued to a blanket dry, nonfat, flat surface.

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